Out Jewish Singer Advances in The Voice

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April 24, 2013
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April 26, 2013

Out Jewish Singer Advances in The Voice

Michelle Chamuel courtesy of nbc.com

Michelle Chamuel courtesy of nbc.com

You may have missed Michelle Chamuel’s battleround performance of “Titanium” on last night’s episode of The Voice. That’s because, for some unknown reason, NBC chose to do a “summary” clip of the performance instead of the full package, performances, and judging discussions most other contestants received. We’re bummed about that, but are nonetheless excited to learn that Usher named Michelle Chamuel as the winner in her matchup!

In an interview with After Ellen recently, Michelle reflected on her identity as an artist:

I don’t think of myself as “a lesbian musician” or a “Jewish artist.” It’s not one and alone. I think of myself as a musician. I’m not in to labels, which makes it so that I don’t live by them anyway, so I’m not trying to fit into a category. I think people should do whatever they want. Look. I have a straight leg and a gay leg [shows us her one shaved and one unshaved leg].

Here’s the brief summary clip you may have missed:


  1. fantasymeetsreality says:

    why wouldn’t they show the battle between Michelle vs Chelsea? from what i can tell, Michelle is one of, if not, the best singer in the competition! leaving it out is beyond any comprehension.

    • admin says:

      We agree! Our assumption is that it just didn’t make the cut or have as strong a “story” as some of the other competitors. We’re so happy to see her back this week though!

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