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February 26, 2018
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March 12, 2018

Meet Lynn Bider: 2018 Community Leadership Honoree

The 2018 JQ Awards Garden Brunch is on Sunday, April 15 and this year’s event will be our biggest and best one yet. Our 2018 honorees represent the best of our LGBTQ+ and ally community, and we are proud to celebrate their achievements. This week we are thrilled to introduce you to our first honoree, Lynn Bider, recipient of the 2018 Community Leadership Award.
JQ is thrilled to honor Lynn Bider with this year’s Community Leadership Award. Bider’s lifetime of leadership is marked by her passion for philanthropy and commitment to many organizations and initiatives in the Jewish community, including Stephen Wise Temple, Beit T’shuvah and USC Hillel. She has been involved with the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles for forty years, in major leadership roles for more than a decade.
“I want everyone to believe they can be their authentic self and not to hide, not to feel they can’t be part of the Jewish community because they look a little different or have a different need,” Bider says.
As a member of the Federation’s Caring for Jews in Need initiative (in 2015, she became the committee’s chair), Bider met JQ Executive Director and Co-Founder Asher Gellis and Director of the JQ Helpline and Inclusion Services Rabbi Rachel Bat-Or when they appealed to the committee for JQ Helpline funding. Bider recalls how impressed she was, not just by JQ’s leaders, but by the work they represented.
“Whatever they asked for, we wanted to give them double,” she remembers.
As she learned more, Bider admired in particular JQ’s work with teens, providing those who identify as LGBTQ+ with a space where they belong, and giving allies the support and information they need to help their friends and classmates. As a parent and grandparent, Bider loves that JQ provides parents with the tools they need to be supportive of their children, and sees the work as essential to ensuring everyone feels connected to the Jewish community.(L to R) Lynn Bider with Asher Gellis and guests of the 2016 Awards Garden Brunch
Since then, Lynn has been a key advocate for our mission, strengthening our partnership with the Jewish Federation in serving the LGBTQ+ and ally Jewish community across Los Angeles. Bider and her husband Les have generously hosted the annual JQ Awards Garden Brunch twice at their Beverly Hills home. Lynn also serves as a board member at the Jewish Community Foundation, which has provided critical support for JQ’s programs, serving the most vulnerable in our community through the JQ Helpline.
“We should accept everyone for who they are and emphasize the authentic self,” Bider says. “You can be a Jew and LGBTQ+ and have a place in the world for that.”  She also called JQ’s Persian Pride programing “extraordinary.”
We think Lynn is extraordinary — and we are honored by her continued support for us and love for the Jewish LGBTQ+ and ally community. It is the support and leadership of community leaders like Lynn Bider who make JQ’s work possible.
Esther Kustanowitz
JQ Contributing Writer
Please join us on Sunday, April 15 as we show our appreciation to Lynn and our honorees at this year’s Awards Garden Brunch. Early Bird tickets are available at a special price through March 16. Full details HERE!

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