2wice Blessed Project

Video Submission Guidelines/Suggestions

Please submit videos under seven minutes in length. The most powerful messages will take less than 2 minutes!

1) YouTube/Google Account

All the 2wice Blessed videos will be added to our website via the 2wice Blessed Youtube Channel and Playlist. Therefore in order to include your video you mush, you must have a valid YouTube account. CLICK HERE to create a YouTube account.

2) Clear Sound and Light

Please take time to shoot your video in a quiet and lit environment and to speak loudly and clearly. One quick tip – make sure a light is shining on your face, not from behind it.

3) Title and tag your video

Use the title “2WICE BLESSED” and include your name and location – ex: “2WICE BLESSED: Jim in Burbank”. You may want to include other tags to describe your video so that other people can find it (ex: “Orthodox lesbian Beverly Hills” or “Reconstructionist gay couple”.)

Submit Your Video Here (Be sure to include the youtube URL in the message box)

How To Blog:

All you have to do is write a blog entry on any public website or blog.

Then tweet the web link to your blog and include the hash tag #WeRTwiceBlessed in the same tweet. Just like that you're published.

Please email us at info@lgbtjewishla.org once you've submitted your blog. Then we can will be in touch!