JQ International builds and strengthens a

community that nurtures a healthy fusion of LGBTQ and Jewish identities.


 First, we build community

  • By providing LGBTQ Jews a place to come together and celebrate Shabbat, Jewish Holidays, and other joyful events.
  • We particularly reach out to the most marginalized LGBTQ Jews within the Transgender, Orthodox and Persian communities
  • JQ Offers a safe place to gather, connect with one another, and find the comfort and acceptance needed to foster a healthy Jewish identity.

 Second, we provide educational programming:

  • JQ elevates the work of synagogues, Jewish day schools, agencies, and other service organizations serving Jewish, LGBTQ, or secular community members.
  • We teach how to create inclusive and welcoming spaces with:

 Third, we offer support services:

  • Our JQ Helpline provides inclusive resources and social service referrals for LGBTQ Jews, their families, and allies
  • We find the people and organizations that can support LGBTQ community members to receive the most supportive resources available.

How we Achieve it

JQ International is a lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) Jewish & Ally community.  We create programs and services that foster a healthy fusion of LGBTQ and Jewish Identity, which offer LGBTQ Jews, their friends, families, and loved ones the opportunity to connect with each other while fostering a strong sense of self.  JQ International also encourages and strengthens leadership, activism, and social action amongst its members in order to continue creating not only a vibrant and inclusive LGBTQ Jewish community, but also the best possible community at large.