JQooking: Mevashlim B’Ivrit-Cooking-it-up-in Hebrew

The World Zionist Organization, Israeli House, JQ International and Mati have joined forces...and together WE are all winners.

This one-of-a-kind workshop combines discussion, discourse, memories from our parents' homes, smells, flavors and cooking in Hebrew specifically geared towards LGBTQ and ally Jews living in Los Angeles.

Classes are once per month for 9 months. Each event has a different theme, correlating to the Jewish/Israeli calendar. Guests experience getting to know one another while exploring stories, songs, and excellent recipes related to the monthly theme. .And the best part -- sitting together after each class feasting on our delicious meal.

Los Angeles 2017 - 2018 Classes:
(All classes begin at 7:30PM)
October 18
November 8
December 6
January 10
February 7
March 7
May 16
June 13

Registration is open for one whole year of activity.

Fees: $243 (includes all 9 classes)