GLBT Passover Haggadah

JQ's Special Seder Plate

JQ’s Special Seder Plate

The JQ International GLBT Haggadah is the first of its kind, integrating GLBT Passover traditions within the spirit of the traditional Passover experience.  It includes a GLBT-specific Seder plate, the Four GLBT Children, the Prophetess Miriam’s Cup, a Timeline of GLBT Events that parallels the Magid, and much, much more.

Our Haggadah is interactive and allows participants to custom color-in the graphics for a unique, vibrant, and personal touch.

The GLBT Haggadah was developed by JQ International in collaboration with Hebrew Union College’s Institute for Judaism & Sexual Orientation (IJSO). Its development was made possible by The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles’ (JCFLA) Cutting Edge Grant.

We consider the Haggadah a living document that will grow and develop as more and more Passover celebrants use it and provide us feedback and their own additional elements.  It is available free of charge as a .pdf format download.

If the JQ International Haggadah has enhanced your Passover experience, we ask that you and your Seder participants please contribute to this living project by:

  • Making a donation  to JQ of at least $18– please be as generous as you can, just those who volunteered over two years compiling, authoring, and designing the Haggadah were also so generous.
  • Sending us an email  with suggestions for a future version of this Haggadah (ideas are welcome, completed submissions are preferred). Please include the location of your Seder, how many attended, and a short message telling us how this Haggadah was important to your Seder.

Download the JQ International GLBT Haggadah Here