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85% of the participants in JQ International programs say,
The personal stories I heard from JQ speakers were the most meaningful part of the program for me."


Whether it's a series of programs, or a one time presentation, we're sure you'll find someone from the JQ International Speakers Bureau that's just right for you!

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Each of JQ’s speakers is a role model who draws upon their personal experiences and life stories to show how LGBTQ+ and Jewish identities can be integrated. Their messages encourage their audiences to expand the number of safe spaces for LGBTQ+ Jews in their organization and in the community-at-large

The impact of the JQ speakers’ stories:

The personal stories shared by the trainer during the training touched our volunteers and moved many to become more embracing of the LGBTQ community.

Rachel Woodhull, Former Talkline Services Coordinator,
NCJW Women Helping Women Counseling Line

Thank you for teaching us that everyone is equal and to stand up for what we believe in. I especially liked that you shared with us your stories of coming out to teach us that sometimes we will go through difficult situations in life but that doesn't mean that we should give up or stop trying.

Seventh grade student at Jewish day school