Speakers Bureau


What is the JQ Speakers Bureau?
The JQ Speakers Bureau (JQSB) is a group of people who share stories and lead workshops that facilitate inclusion and awareness of the needs of LGBTQ Jews, their families, and allies. These speakers’ messages also encourage their audiences to actively expand the number of safe spaces for LGBTQ Jews in the community-at-large. In this way, the Speakers Bureau fulfills JQ’s mission: to build and strengthen a community that nurtures a healthy fusion of LGBTQ and Jewish identities. Each of our speakers is a role model who draws upon personal experiences and life stories that show how LGBTQ, ally, and Jewish identities can be integrated .Our speakers present in a wide variety of settings and to different age groups, including Hebrew Schools, youth groups, camps, synagogues, and colleges.

Why Would I Want to Become a JQ Speaker?
You will play a meaningful role in creating a world where all people are included, respected, and accepted for who they are and where all people can live an authentic life. This training will also enhance your ability to effectively communicate in all areas of your life

As a JQ Speaker, What is My Commitment?
Each trained JQ speaker commits to a minimum of four speaking engagements over two years. JQ will select the speaking times and places which will also fit with the speaker’s personal schedule.

What Kind of Training is Provided to JQ’s Speakers?
JQ provides two 2 1/2 hour training sessions in a fun, safe, respectful, and supportive environment.

Our speakers are trained to:

  • Connect emotionally, spiritually, and powerfully with their audiences;
  • Share personal ‘coming-out’ and life-affirming stories that help listeners both relate to the messages being shared and apply the larger truths of those messages in their own lives;
  • Incorporate Jewish values and texts in what is shared; and
  • Provide useful information about JQ’s programs and services.

How do I Become a Speaker for JQ International?

  1. Please fill out this form.
  2. Once we receive it, we will contact you to schedule an initial telephone conversation.